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Adrian’s Concrete is your number one partner for everything related to concrete. We understand concrete like no other ensuring that the projects we deliver are durable, safe and sturdy. Our team is passionate about concrete and has successfully delivered many projects from start to end. All you need to do is give us a call and we take it from there. 

We offer a variety of good quality concrete finishes for your driveway. From old- school plain concreting to more modern concrete options such as exposed aggregate, stenciling, stamp, coloured to any decorative driveway, Adrian’s Concrete covers it all. A driveway leads people to your home and we will make sure that it stands out.

When it comes to high quality house slabs, Adrian’s Concrete has the best solution for your driveways, sidewalks or any other place. Slabs set the foundation for a structure and we make sure it is a stellar once because of our strong, solid and sturdy house slabs. Adrian’s concrete slabs won’t crack or get displaced and are one of the most energy efficient solutions. Our house slabs are available in various textures, colours and finishes.  

You can use Adrian’s expert patio services to either upgrade your backyard or install a brand-new patio to ensure a relaxed area for your family and friends. A well-made patio enhances the appearance of the entire property. We offer various looks such as paved, wooden, old bricks, pebbles or natural stone for your patio. The new concreting is not like the traditional grey coloured option that one associates with concrete – these are modern and fashionable 

Using concrete, we build you a pool surround that. not only looks good but blends with the surrounding area. There are many options to create the pool surrounds making your entire area look like part of the landscape. 

We can build a beautiful pathway that passes your front yard garden. Everything from the placement to the formwork to the excavation is done by us, leaving you with a truly stunning pathway. We work according to your design requirements and give you an appealing pathway that adds to the beauty of your home.  

If you are interested in adding an extra floor or storey to your home or any building or even add to a ground level, Adrian’s Concrete takes care of this task with its robust suspended concrete slabs. Our experts examine and understand the project requirements as well as the structure before starting work. Our top-quality materials ensure maximum support and we only provide sturdy suspended slabs that can endure leaks, damages and risk.  

Concrete ground slabs are very common and come in two variants – conventional slabs & waffle pod slabs. These slab types are ideal for floors and beneficial to both domestic and industrial buildings. Adrian’s Concrete offers ground slabs that can either be insulated or not based on the thermal requirements of the structure. 

A multi-step process, polished concrete is increasingly gaining popularity for residential as well as commercial projects. Adrian’s Concrete offers a variety of finishing options to choose from, giving you a versatile and low maintenance option for your floors. For all your polished concrete requirements we guaranty high quality workmanship and breath-taking flooring. 

Decorative Concrete
Decorative Concrete

Adrian’s Concrete has been laying concrete for over 2 decades and our experts know how decorative concrete can make all the difference to your homes. Decorative concrete finishes may be hard for other concreting companies to get right, but with our level of skill, understanding and experience, we make your project come to life. From stamped to exposed aggregate, our supply and installation of decorative concrete is very high quality, durable and meets your aesthetic & budget requirements.  

If you are looking for durability with style, exposed aggregate is the best option for you. This gives you the strength and long-lasting features of cement with a modern and stylish finish. Exposed aggregate is ideal for any weather condition be it hail, storm, heat, wind or rains. It comes in multiple options and goes well with many housing styles be it traditional, modern, red brick or anything else.  

Coloured concrete or painted concrete has become very popular these days for both interior and exterior flooring. This option is elegant and simple and you end up with some very good-looking floors, driveways and pool areas. You can add stenciling to your coloured concrete home and get some exquisite feels that are rustic, Mediterranean and any other themes that cross your mind. You choose the colour and we will make it available for you. 

Give a personal touch to your driveways, patios, footpaths and garden paths with our concrete stenciling options. This is more visually appealing and comes with endless options. Apart from being able to create your own look, you can even recreate finishes such as terracotta tile and slate. We can create multiple finishes such as cobblestone, brick, flagstone, bluestone and any other designs that come to your mind.   

Stamped concrete is ideal when you have a limited budget but are looking to achieve a high-end finish. Also known as imprinted concrete or textured concrete, stamped concreting gives you the surface finish of various materials such as wood, stone, brick, slate and more while enjoying the durable and long-lasting benefits of concrete. If you go for the original materials you have to deal with high costs and the hassle of maintaining it – with our stamped concreting options you get the best of both worlds. 

Formwork Concreting Northern Beaches

Adrian’s Concrete is one of the best local concreters on Northern beaches and has over 2 decades of experience in concrete formwork. The concrete columns offered by us are suitable across all shapes and sizes for residential, commercial or industrial projects. 

Suspended slabs are slabs that remain above-ground level and are not in direct contact with the ground. These are used to add additional floors or upper storeys and even laid on top of the pre-constructed walls to build a ground level. At Adrian’s Concrete we take on every task related to suspended concrete slabs and our team comes with years of experience and will examine the site and understand the requirement in-depth. 

The team at Adrian’s Concrete is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to ground concrete slabs. Be it waffle pods or conventional ground slabs; our experts will get the job done on-time with efficiency and effectiveness. When you bring our team on board you can look forward to a very hassle-free experience. 

Steel Fixing
Best Concretor Northern Beaches

Fixing steel in the right place to keep it stable while concrete is being placed is extremely critical to the entire structure as it sets the foundation for the structure. Our experts ensure that one does not go wrong with this steel reinforcement. They secure & position the steel in a manner that ensures the strength and durability of the structure. With years of experience in concreting, no one understands the importance and criticality of steel fixing more than us. 

Excavations Northern Beaches

At Adrian’s Concrete we take on every excavation project; from removing existing driveways to rectifying areas to preparing areas that need to be concreted. All our excavation works are carried out by technologically advanced machines that are in very good conditions and operated by licensed tradesmen. Since our machinery and equipment is extremely advanced and in good condition at all times, our operators take on excavation projects with a lot of ease. With years of experience, we can offer our excavation services to residential, industrial and commercial clients. 

We use sealers all the time but the best wet and natural look sealers we recommend are by Premium Coatings. 

We also recommend our partner Forest Gutter for any gutter and pressure cleaning on Northern Beaches.

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